HELEN NOWELL illustration


Regarding the evening art courses at Artworks:

This was the second best present my wife had ever bought me. Second to Scalextric. ”

Richard, C.

Feedback from a sketching workshop delivered to architects:

We felt that the way you presented yesterday made us all feel comfortable in the situation, and by the end we all left wanting more.”

Richard, D. Lead Architect.

Feedback from the online Zoom classes:

I am a complete beginner at this. Your demonstrations are really helpful. I do enjoy them (the classes) – you make them interesting and fun.”

Shirley, B.

Feedback on a lecture on advertising from a colleague:

Enjoyable and engaging.”

Dr. Robert Harland. Senior Lecturer.


I have over 10 years of experience in teaching. I have run art workshops for private businesses and have run a range of afternoon, evening and day workshops at galleries and art establishments.

The classes cover lots of different subjects in drawing and painting. Classes range from and include: teaching print-making, watercolours, as well as the use and application of other paints, pastels, understanding and implementing proportion to subjects like animals, landscapes, portraiture and life drawing.

Additionally, I have experience teaching within the Further and Higher Education sectors in practical, studio and theoritical material for a wide variety of visual communication specialisms.

Teaching Awards and Courses

2021 Athena Swan Extra Mile Inspirational Leadership Award Winner for the School of Design and Creative Arts
2021 Teaching Best Practice Highly Commended at Loughborough University
2018 Athena Swan Extra Mile: the Art & Design Foundation Course won the Team Award, under the direction of Paula Gamble-Schwarz, for the School of Design and Creative Arts

2022 Senior Fellowship in the Higher Education Academy (REP system): Leadership and teaching
2020 Fellowship in the Higher Education Academy (REP system): Teaching
2018 Associate Teaching Pathway in Higher Education (LUPE system)